"Devore" Silk Velvet Scarves - SOLD

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Hand Crafted Hand Painted "Devore" Silk Velvet Scarves
Dimensions: 163cm x 23cm (64" x 9")
Material: "Devore" Silk Velvet
Area: New South Wales, Australia
Made In: Australia

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"Devore" is a century old French fabric technique which means "to devour". The soft rayon pile is woven into a sheer silk chiffon backing. A chemical medium/paste is printed onto the pile side of the fabric. The paste "devours" or burns out the rayon pile exposing the sheer silk chiffon backing. An embossed or relief textured effect is created with the remaining deep pile in striking contrast to the sheer chiffon backing. The devore velvet fabric is laid over our special painting frames and hand painted. The rich rayon pile "drinks" up the dye. The dovore velvets are richly textured and brilliantly coloured. The rayon pile creates a rippling colour effect like "quicksilver" shimmering over the velvet fabric.