About Australian Mallee Art

The Best in Australia

Our business, rather, it’s our PASSION, is to go that extra kilometre for you; actually it’s more like 1000’s of kilometres for you, so that you have the widest possible choice of the best Australiana available from $7.95 kangaroo pins to $35,000 opals, ancient red gum products or rare Aboriginal paintings; you will see evidence of our exhaustive travels and never ending search to locate items from our leading crafts people, artisans, and manufacturers when you step into our Australiana emporium Australian Mallee Art (if you are wondering about our name, which might seem unusual, mallee is an Aboriginal word meaning REGION. It comes from the Aborigines of the Wemba Wemba tribe who flourished along the Murray River since their Dreamtime.Our gifts are sourced from far and wide on this vast continent). 

Made in Australia

In over 20 years we have built a network of people who make the items you can peruse in our shop. We have personally visited most of these people from our steamy tropics, to windswept plains, rain-sodden forests and bustling cities. Some of them only make a handful of items each year, some. I’m proud to say, we have helped put on the road to fame!

I remember discovering a community of extraordinary aboriginal painters in a place called Utopia in the Northern Territory. Incomparable leather hand bags and wallets are made by third-generation Italian Australia artisans down cobblestone alleys.
Our range of exotic glassware is hand-blown in tiny rural hamlets. Jack Brilliant makes our beautiful hand painted silk scarves which find their way all over the world. We found our spectacular opals in the underground mines of dusty outback deserts.

What can we help you with?

We are more than happy to offer suggestions –whatever  your budget, in fact we take great pleasure in helping you decide. Here’s a small sample of some of our categories of Australiana.

  • Aboriginal Artifacts, Aboriginal Art, Akubra Hats, Barmah Hats.
  • Wood/ Ancient Redgum, Ceramics, Australian Saltwater Crocodile Products,
  • Clothing,  Jewellery, Maps, Books and memorable gifts which celebrate Melbourne
  • Vegemite or an authenticated unique aboriginal masterpiece.
  • You might wish to add a touch of humour or even practicality to your gifts.

For those homesick souls, we have an Aussie First-Aid survival pack, featuring vegemite and other icons. You might like to give some to American friends puzzled by our strange smelling (and tasting) condiment with the oil like appearance! Gifts for young folk might include some amazing t-shirts, jewellery or even confectionary like ‘Kanga Drops’ or ‘Witchety Grubs’. We have serious ‘Australian Bush Tucker’ for connoisseurs as well.

Our collection of aboriginal paintings is special because I have sourced them all personally and they each come with photographs of the artist, beside the painting.
I have direct contact with these remarkable artists who are awarded handsomely for their talent, as it should be. Relationships span nearly twenty years.

I look forward to meeting you and offering our renowned service. Incidentally, we send gifts to all parts of the world on your behalf.


M Anzic
Managing Director, and ‘hand’s on finder and seeker of the best in Australiana!

Australian Mallee Art has one of the most comprehensive authentic aboriginal art collections in Australia and one of the most passionate and knowledgeable curators in Mojca Anzic.

Why Mallee Art?

Mallee is an ancient aboriginal word meaning WIDE, and is a reflection of Mojca’s quest for the best art form wherever it is created.

What you will see in the Gallery collection, which is all on offer for sale, is the culmination of over twenty years of Mojca’s travels throughout aboriginal art communities in outback Australia, establishing relationships with experienced and emerging artists, mentoring them and championing their works to a local, national and international audience.

Australian Mallee Art has an expansive collection of styles of aboriginal painting reflecting the communities, their beliefs, their heritage, individual materials and mentors. You will also discover that there’s so much more to their art than what appears on the canvas. Mystery remains in the canvas, not just on it, yet it is perceptible.

Over her many years as an aboriginal art devotee, Mojca Anzic’s travels have taken her to the major art communities in the Northern Territory and Western Australia, from the Kimberley’s, Central and Western Deserts, Arnhem Land and the Top End. Within these areas are many arts communities all with their distinct motifs and styles.You will find stunning examples from a wide selection of these iconic arts and crafts havens.

Cultural anthropologist Malak Wassef-Edgar on aboriginal art

Art for the indigenous Australian is not about aesthetic value, although its aesthetic appeal to the Western eye is undeniable.  It has instead a functional and sacred value: by painting, the Aborigine recreates visually his “place” – which was conferred upon him through his totemic association from conception or birth, a place which is the embodiment of his spirit.  The painting becomes a story-telling map of that piece of land in his custody. In that sense, the importance of a painting laid more in the actual process of painting than in the end result.

Your purchase of a painting from the Australian Mallee Art collection, will of course be a prudent investment, but one of pleasure as well.