Aboriginal Living Art and the Art of Living

by Malak Wassef-Edgar, BA, MA

It is with the greatest pleasure that I provide an article on Aboriginal Art for Mallee Root Artifacts's website. I have known the owner, Mojca Anzic  now for many years and have grown to appreciate her integrity, sincerity and dedication, as well as her genuine concern for Aboriginal Australia at close range.

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Mimi Spirits

During the creative years of the Aboriginal Dreamtime there existed small human like beings known as Mimi Spirits.

These spirit beings were very thin in statue with long arms, legs and neck. They were nocturnal inhabit and lived within the rocks and caves of the Arnhem Land escarpment. To enter these rocks they blew a breath of air onto the rock and it would open to allow them to enter and depart. If the wind was blowing on the outside they would not come out because the wind might break their thin fragile necks.

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Oenpelli is an area approximately 300 kilometers by road east of Darwin in the Northern Territory. It is located on the eastern side of the Kakadu National Park and some 16 kilometers into Arnhemland at the base of the Arnhemland Escarpmet. The surrounding countryside consists of flood plains of the East Alligator River, which during the wet period of the year (December-April), are covered entirely by water. The rocky escarpment country consists of a rocky sandstone plateau which rises some 200 meters above the surrounding plains. This plateau is covered with spinifex and other light timber.

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