TRIBE: Kunwinjku

CLAN: Djalama

COUNTRY: Gabari, at the head of the Gumadeer River

AGE: Born 1949 – May 2009

Bruce Nabegeyo, as a young man lived mainly at GABARI in his home country, or in the vicinity of Oenpelli on the edge of the Arnhemland Aboriginal Reserve as it then was.

He was educated to about 15 years of age at the Oenpelli Mission School.

Bruce Nabegeyo was married to his third wife, the second having passed away in 1989. He had two sons to his first wife and no children to the second or third.

Bruce Nabegeyo's father, Billinyarra now deceased, was a major ceremonial leader and taught Bruce all aspects of the local ceremonies. Bruce was fully initiated male and was leader of the Gunnapipi ceremony of the Gunwinjku people of the Oenpelli area.

Bruce had not travelled much in relation to his art, but had been to Melbourne for art purposes. His works are now some of the most keenly sought after pieces from the region, primarily because of their associated stories. Bruce was very keen to talk about and share with other people.