TRIBE: Kunwinjku

CLAN: Kurulk

An area on the upper Mann River, NT

Circa 1960

James IYUNA is the son of Anchor KULUMBA a man not renowned for painting but for the construction of conical fish traps. James was born in Maningrida where he also attended school.

James IYUNA now lives at the outstation of Momega, which is on the Mann River not far from the Arnhemland Escarpment. As a young man James was taught by his father all the cultural matters pertaining to his clan.

James and his brother John Mawandjul learnt to paint when they were young boys by watching others in the clan as they painted.

Paintings by this artist are usually large and the theme is generally of the Dreamtime, although sometimes he does paint food animals.

Paintings produced by this artist are quickly snapped up by collectors, and you can find his work in Museums around Australia as well as being published in text books on the subject.