BORN:                                 c. 1940

COMMUNITY:                    Utopia Region, Northern Territory, Australia

SKIN NAME:                      Jungala (Ngala)

LANGUAGE GROUP:       Anmatyerre


AREA:                                Akaye Soakage, Utopia Region


Paddy has been painting for over 30 years. He started painting when the women from Utopia started up the Batik, around early 1980's.

He paints Mulga Seed Dreaming. He is a very busy man his time is taken up mostly with his tribal obligations. Which include ceremonies and hunting.

He worked as a stockman in his younger days on what was then Utopia Station.

He is married to Eileen Bird who is Ada Bird's daughter and Eileen  is also an artist. One of their daughters, Maggie Bird is a well known artist in her own right.