TRIBE: Kunwinjku

CLAN: Djordi

COUNTRY: Upper Mann River in the vicinity of Gamagawan

Born 1930 – August 2001

Peter NABARLAMBARL was born in his home country on the upper Mann River of the Arnhemland Plateau. As a very young boy he stayed in this area and not leaving until he had grown into a young man.

When he was a young man he left his home country and went to live at Maranboy where he obtained work as a stockman, working cattle.

This work took him as far away as Alice Springs and Mt. Isa on droving runs. He did this work for many years.

Peter met and married a woman from Maranboy and together they had 3 boys and 2 girls.

He moved with his family back to Gurrgurr where he lived for a number of years before his wife passed away. After this Peter met a girl from Momega and married her.

Peter Nabarlambarl learnt how to paint by watching Jerry BANGARR and Dick MURRUMURRU's

in that no cross hatching is used, only parallel lines.

Peter Nabarlambarl's work is keenly sought after in that it is in the style of the old rock art of the Western Arnhemland area.


Art Gallery of Western Australia, Perth.

National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne.

The Kelton Foundation, Santa Monica.

The U.S.A.


Brolga, Manmoyi crossing, Mimi, Namarrkon, Djingana from Gamagawan, didgeridoo, kangaroo, Arnwak tree (edible fruit) Sugarbag man, Sugarbag woman, Emu, yam. Catfish, turtle, goanna, saltwater fishing, dingo, marrimamiyi country, Gingana (rainbow serpent) Manimaniyi, crocodile & barramundi.


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