TRIBE: Gunwinjku

CLAN: Djalama

AREA: Malwan, on the eastern side of the upper Gumadeer river

AGE: Born 23 May 1961 – June 2009

Wesley Nganjmirra is the son of Peter NGANJMIRRA, a brother of Bobby Barrdjaray NGANJMIRRA, a most famous Aboriginal painter of the region.

Wesley was born in Darwin but spent most of his early childhood years living in Oenpelli, with occasional periods at his fathers outstation Mandlebareng.

Wesley attended school at Oenpelli as did his three other brothers.

Since leaving school he has not been employed except for the painting that he does. He has not been married nor does he have any children.

Wesley has good knowledge of the Dreamtime mythology of his clan and this shows up in his paintings. Wesley is a fine artist who paints a wide range of subjects with most of them depicting themes of the ancestral Dreamtime.

Wesley has travelled interstate in relation to his art and his art has been exhibited both in Australia and in the United States.